Transformation of ECG Shall Fall Upon You

About 37 years ago since the Lord called me into ministry, I have never given a Prophetic word which failed to happen before. 

From Malawi My Hometown to South Africa, Miracles, Sings and Wonders are what we experience everyday. I Prophesy to everyone Sharing this Post, before Monday 6pm, you will receive Mega Financial Breakthrough.

The Same hand that is Sharing this Prayer will Count Millions to the Glory of God! The More you Receive More Money, More GracešŸ’°

But Let ,e tell you one secret to successs...  Consult with the spirit.. The holy spirit can tell you what to do in every situation.

The reason many are frustrated is that they never consult with him for help ,guidance or directions. From today learn to consult with the holy spirit for answers.

Ask him for guidance and direction concerning everything you do. The bible says i will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go

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