Dealing With Foundations LIVE: Building With the Chief Cornerstone

At ECG, we uphold the scriptures. As we have been in the gathering of saints all day, we have had the joy that testimonies can bring, we have enjoyed the amazing time of worship in the sanctuary that the Prophet of God has raised to the glory of his God!

We listened keenly as our father shared the word of God with his usual skill and finesse. We came to understand with grace, the power of foundations and the importance of making sure that we are building on correct foundations, making sure that what we build will last.

Read the teaching over and understand what God is saying to us all. Share the message of the Daily Parach with your family, or bless someone with a copy of the wonderful daily word.

Stay connected on Prophetic Channel and let God minister to you as you bask in today's service. Keep watching Prophetic Channel, expect great things in the month to come. I love you, shalom!
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