Cleanse Your Ways For the Kingdom of Miracles

Wherewithal shall a man cleanse his ways? By taking heed thereto according to your word (Psalm 119:9). Or, how can the young keep his ways sinless?

This has been an issue in our dispensation and a stumbling block among the youths. The belief system of the world is that nobody can live without sinning, especially sexual sins. They have passed the notion and ideology from one generation to another and this in some cases, serves as 

discouragement, discouraging factor and an impediment to those who would want to live for God.

They will tell you that you cannot live without having girl/boy friends and fornicating with them; that you cannot live without lying; that you cannot live without blending and changing your nature (like chameleon, Romans 12:2); 

that you cannot live without sorting your courses, involving in malpractices, living a life of forgery, that is, falsifying your name, date of birth, certificates, etc. All these are lifestyles of the people of this world governed by the world system and with the god of this world (Satan), as their president. 

But in the kingdom of God, it is not so. Even in the beginning of all beginnings, these were not there. This is just the perversions that ensued as a result of corruption and degeneration in the heart of man. 
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