Never Give The Enemy The Chance to Torment you by Sinning

Believe God in your every journey. In hills, valleys, meanders, falling bridges, flooding seas, He will always see you through. He has never let me down in my journey with Him. He will, again, never let you down.

How many are believing with me. Continue reading.

When men decided to disobey the word of God and obey the evil advises of Satan, their hearts were punctured and their hedges broken giving the enemy space to come in and sow many tears. 

This then leads to the expansion of evil acting as a blanket and labouring to cover the entire world. 

Can a youth live in this world of sin and immorality and please God everyday? Can a youth live without having sex with anybody till he or she marries? Can a youth live without deliberately sinning everyday? 

Can a youth live a victorious christian life, overcoming the passions of this world and the lust thereof? Can this be achieved among the youths of this dispensation? Actually, God will help us amen.
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