There Are Riches in Keeping God's Commandments

that financial breakthrough you have been waiting for has come i am seeing 900 people becoming millionaires and billionaires receive it.! Read along with me now as a break ts down for you for deeper knowledge

Benefits of tithing
The tithe is one- tenth of your increase: That is , ten percent of your incomes and anything else god blessed you with For example if you receive $7,000 as your pay or as a gift. 

Ten percent of that amount which is $700 is your tithe that $700 belong to god of major 1. One of the surest ways to experience prosperity in god kingdom is through tithing.

Your tithe is your connection to your source of blessings. Its doesn't matter how much you've got now. If you don't tithe it impossible for you to continue in prosperity Today i will be telling a secret about tithing ...afternoon I will continue

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