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MIRACLE MONEY ALERT!!! Pay attention!! Before you read this, make sure that you are ready to receive MIRACLE MONEY on your phone and don't be afraid.

Read now!!!
I asked the church to write a prayer requests and give it to me, they did, when I was reading their prayer requests, I discovered that everyone one of them wanted money.

The following Sunday, I asked them to bring their phones to the altar, they did.
I prayed for the phones and commanded money to enter, suddenly their phones started receiving alerts.

Money started entering the phones in different forms and different currencies.
What shocked everybody is that, even people as far as USA, Nigeria, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia,South Africa, Kenya and other countries received money alert on their phones as i prayed.

People call me the specialist 
This has not stopped me from performing my MIRACLE MONEY.
I do it to help people that really need money.
People that want to pay debts.
People that want to pay bills
People that want to pay fees
People that want to start business.
People that want to buy car
People that want to buy house
People that want to do projects
People that really need money!
Today till 8:30pm I want to give a MIRACLE MONEY alert to 3000 people from all over the world.
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