His Love For You Does No Discriminate - Mary

Sunday of Prophetic Destinies LIVE: It’s time for Parach Review

Message: His love does not discriminate, Scripture Reference: Luke 7:37

The scripture tells a story of a woman who wanted to meet Jesus. Unfortunately, because of her sinful past, she suffered a series of negative comments from people meant to discourage and demotivate her from meeting Jesus.

However, Jesus always reminds us of our future to give us hope and the devil reminds us of our past to discourage us.

The woman didn't allow people’s slander to set her back. They may know you to be a sinner, a liar and maybe a cheater; but God says to you today: ‘As you love me, I will honour you, remove your shame and clear your name.’

Perseverance is key to reaching your prophetic destiny. Do not worry about what others think. Jesus has forgiven all your sins. As you kneel before the King today, He will wash and make you clean.
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