Powerful Act for your Miracles, Let us Pray For your Miracles

Your miracle is certain in this week. Before you sleep tonight I want you to know that your miracle will locate you this week!!

While many people will see this prayer and ignore it and miss their blessings, be wise enough to pray it with me tonight.

Cell phone has changed alot of life.

Cell phone has destroyed alot of lives.

One message that enters your phone today can change your destiny for good and one message that enters your phone today can ruin your life forever.

I am praying for your phone tonight and I speak goodness in Jesus name!!

If you have your phone in your hand right now, I have prayed for it to receive a message or call that will change your life.

Immediately you type Amen 7 times and Share this post 7 times your phone will ring.
That is your blessing. This week will end well for you.

Try and see.

It's done.

Wait for that good news coming on your phone now.

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