IVP Of Wonders LIVE: Warm up all visitors tonight - Major 1

In the place of miracles, Gauteng is being warmed up tonight, the power of the living God is here and as we welcome the prophet of God to the pulpit, this is the time to celebrate Jesus.

There is so much happening right now, breakthroughs, healings and favour is everywhere. The prophet of God arrives to call for a powerful encore on one particular testimony! Are you a millionaire waiting to happen?

Stay tuned, we are LIVE on Prophetic Channel!

As I write, I see a child somewhere, a brother, a sister, a parent, a friend, battling for their life in a hospital bed. As I write, I see a student being chased from school, from college because they do not have school fees. As I write, I see somebody who has just lost a job, a business that has collapsed and a marriage has just broken.

If you can connect to what I am seeing here, I am here to speak a word of encouragement to you: Being a Christian does not exempt you from facing situations. Don’t forget you are living in the world that crucified the only son of God, Jesus Christ. 

However, as a Christian—no matter the situations—keep your eyes on the cross. God will never put you in a situation that you cannot manage. He will never put you in a war you cannot win. You belong to a victorious family.

If you know it is you I am talking about here, please shout: “I shall overcome in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”

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